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Peace is a concept that seems to have escaped humanity. In what sometimes feels like a futile effort in reinvigorating and broadcasting this concept to the world we at Strange Measure feel we would be negligent in our behavior were we not to hold events like Michigan Peace Festival and Hoodilidoo.

We ask all of you to dig a little deeper and shine a light out of your soul. This festival is not about an unbridled orgy of drugs and Grateful Dead cover tunes (Cover tunes are not allowed by the way). Those that believe it is and seek to make it that are mistaken. Michigan Peace Festival is a STATEMENT. It's a statement and an example of how we can all get together and all live harmoniously  regardless or race, gender or spiritual beliefs.

Ultimately if we want to bring PEACE to the world we must first bring it to ourselves. At Michigan Peace Festival and Hoodilidoo we have a very simple set of rules. Please study them below and keep them in your heart and mind when you visit our events.

Please remember we love you whoever you are and without you there is no us, keeping that in mind won't you please join us in striving to set the best example we can.

Jimmy Valentine

Executive Producer Michigan Peace Festival/Hoodilidoo

CEO Strange Measure Media Group

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